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COATS Prison Referral Form - StepOut

This StepOut referral form is to be used by the following workers or organisations who are involved with a client's transition from prison into the community:

  • ​Case Workers
  • Drug Treatment Agencies located at Prisons
  • Housing and Residential Workers
  • Prison staff (who are not Assessment and Transition Coordinators)
  • ReConnect Program (Australian Community Support Organisation, Jesuit Social Services, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, VACRO)
  • Thomas Embling Hospital

IMPORTANT - Assessment and Transition Coordintors:

If you are an Assessment and Transition Coordinator please use the COATS Prison Referral Form - Assessment and Transition Coordinator, to make a referral for either StepOut or Parole Interstate.

This referral form is to be submitted once a client's release details, including release date, have been confirmed. This referral can be used to obtain a drug and alcohol assessment appointment for clients on straight release from prison. 

Clients on straight release from prison are eligible to participate in the Stepout program, which provides the opportunity for clients to voluntarily engage in assessment and treatment to address drug and alcohol concerns. 

COATS will endevour to assess all clients referred within reasonable time frames. If an interpreter is required, COATS will arrange an assessment at the COATS office nearest to the client after their release from custody. Please note COATS may not accept referrals in the following intances:

  • If referrals are not received within 10 business days of a release date. 
  • If referrals are received greater than six months prior to the release date. 

Once you have submitted this referral form, a member from the COATS' Client Services Unit will review the details in order to arrange an assessment for the client. 

For any queries relating to this referral form or referral eligibility, please contact the Client Services Unit at prisonreferral@acso.org.au or 03 9413 7196 for assistance. 

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